Closed Loop Chillers

WPI manufactures air and water cooled closed loop chiller systems for many applications. A closed loop configuration is ideal for an application where there is a very critical liquid or gas loop that needs to remain 100% clean and pure. Coming in contact with the outside elements, or any particulate matter that has corroded off of lines could hinder the processing performance, and in some cases damage critical equipment. Contact an experienced closed loop cooling engineer today.

Below you will see an example of a flow diagram of a typical indoor/outdoor closed loop installation:


With a Whaley Closed Loop Chiller system, a brazed plate stainless steel heat exchanger or stainless steel plate & frame heat exchanger is utilized. Depending on what type of liquid will be flowing on either side of the heat exchanger, a cupre nickel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, or titanium plate material will be used to transfer the heat inside the heat exchanger.

WPI incorporates its’ SA Series Packaged Chillers, SAE Series Modular Chillers, C-Series Chilled Water Pump Tanks, heat exchangers, stainless steel strainers, and other various products in their closed loop cooling systems. Whaley also offers the WPCL Series Closed Loop Cooling Tower lines which utilizes WPI’s proven FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester) cooling towers which are UV resistant, heat resistant, corrosion resistant.